As a special education professional, I bring an array of experiences to support research-based practices in education. I taught special education for many years and worked collaboratively with teachers, support staff, and administrators to ensure students were actively engaged in the classroom as they learned how to read, write, and do arithmetic. I support parents to be empowered in their student’s educational process and for students to be educated; not indoctrinated with the far left’s agenda that has taken center stage in the classroom.

I’m a mom who believes parents should have a say in where their student receives their education. A child should not be held hostage in a failing public school because of the zip code they reside. I believe parents should be able to enroll their student in a private school setting or homeschool their student and tax funds should allow them to choose their educational setting. While serving in the general assembly as a state delegate, I supported legislation that focused on school choice for families. I sponsored legislation that provided a simpler process for parents to know what instructional and library materials were housed in their child’s school library.

I stand for parental rights in education and believe that the teacher’s unions have too much power in the educational arena. The radical agenda that is being pushed on our school-aged children must be stopped. I do not support different pronoun usage regarding gender-affirming identity. Girls are girls and boys are boys. These sensitive conversations are between the parents and the student. I will champion common sense policies regarding educating students to prepare them for life after K-12 education.


Brenda supports; ensuring all Marylanders and Americans have quality education for children in grades K-12; addressing teacher shortages and reforms in higher education.

As a special education professional, I bring a wide array of experience to support research-based and best practices in education. I support parents to be empowered in their student’s educational process and for students to be educated; not indoctrinated with far-left agendas.

​Addressing the teacher shortage is paramount. Many communities are lacking quality teachers to provide instruction to students. We must make it less cumbersome to become a licensed teacher and allow substitutes, and military veterans to fast-track the path to become certified teachers.

As a Republican, we must address the student tuition crisis. I will support holding higher education institutions accountable for soaring tuition costs.  What we are witnessing on college campuses today regarding violent pro-Palestinian protests is a travesty.  If colleges and universities do not respond accordingly to out-of-control protests, I support withholding federal funds that are provided to those institutions.

Due to the rising cost of tuition, many young people cannot afford homes, or start families because of the amount of student loan debt they are carrying. We must hold higher education institutions accountable when they continuously increase tuition. Average families who have more than one child in college find it difficult to pay for the average cost to send a child to a 4-year public institution if that’s the child’s and parent’s choice. I do not support paying off student loans, but I do support holding higher education institutions accountable for increasing tuition costs year after year.  If a student desires to pursue higher learning, they must prepare in advance by applying for scholarships and savings accounts that are geared toward paying for college tuition.

Law Enforcement And Crime

As the daughter of a deputy sheriff, I know firsthand that safety and security are paramount to the well-being of our families and neighborhoods. As your representative, I will prioritize public safety and work towards creating safer communities for everyone.

My public safety initiatives include:

Support Law Enforcement: Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us. I will advocate for policies that provide first responders with the necessary resources, training, and the appreciation they deserve. Crime is increasing more and more in our communities with each passing day. We need law enforcement officers to remain in our communities and help to keep us safe.

We need to focus on avenues to assist law enforcement agencies with recruiting citizens who desire to work in the field of law enforcement. Over the last few years, law enforcement and police officers have been demonized for the work that they do in the community while serving daily. We can’t disparage the entire law enforcement community because of one or two officers who use poor judgment when faced with a life-and-death situation. I will not support policies that defund the police and take resources away from them to give to social justice programs. I will make every effort to support our law enforcement and the men and women who put their lives on the line each day.

Addressing Economic Growth, Inflation, The Economy, And Jobs

Our country is facing nearly $35T in debt. Our children’s children and their children will be faced with this debt if we don’t stop the excessive spending. We must decrease federal spending on all levels to balance our budget more conservatively. I will sponsor and support legislation that will encourage fiscal responsibility. The Biden-Harris administration hasn’t shopped at a local grocery store lately or pumped gas at the local gas station. They would know Americans are struggling at the register and the gas pump. Their policies are making Americans suffer more and more.

Many Marylanders and middle-class American families are crippled with debt and need a break from increased taxes and inflation. It is by addressing economic incentives in the 6th District’s Appalachian counties (Washington, Allegany, and Garrett) that businesses can be lured to invest in job creation. We must incentivize businesses to invest in our district and consider planting roots to bring good-paying jobs to help families.

We must explore ways to lower your taxes so that you can keep more money in your pocket. You go to work every day to earn a paycheck to take care of your family. You deserve to keep as much money as possible to yourself and not the government. Lastly, we must put America First. If our own house isn’t taken care of, we can’t continue to pour money into other countries when our house is falling apart.


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