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As a special education teacher and professional, I bring a wide array of experience to support research-based practices in education. I will seek to ensure parents are empowered in their student’s educational process and for students to be educated; not indoctrinated by the agenda of the far-left Democrats. I believe the Department of Education is a federal entity that needs to be severely overhauled or dissolved. Educational power needs to return to the States or more importantly to the local school districts and boards of education. A government closest to its citizens is the best form of government. Local school districts and boards know their communities more than any federal government entity could ever know students.

I will support parental rights in education. Parents have every right to be involved in the education of their children. If parents are not supportive of questionable content that is provided to the student under the guise of instruction, they should be heard loud and clear. I will support and sponsor legislation that will ensure parent’s rights are guarded and protected.

The Biden-Harris administration is on board with the far-left agenda that is perpetuated by the teacher’s unions and the narratives they are pushing. They believe that young children should be privy to learning about gender-affirming doctrine, and in some states (Maryland) parents are left in the dark about these conversations. I will vote against such policies and will always stand up for research-based instruction when educating children to prepare them for post-secondary outcomes.

2nd Amendment

I’m a proud proponent of the 2nd amendment and support your right to keep and bear arms. As a conceal-and-carry owner, I will ensure your rights are protected as a law-abiding citizen. While serving in Maryland’s state legislature, I supported bills that protected the rights of gun owners and voted against bills that tried to take those rights away. As a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America, you have a right to protect your family and your property from those who seek to do you harm. The current administration continues to try and convince us that guns are a problem in our country. Guns are not the problem; the problem is people who have ill intentions or suffer from a mental illness and use guns to harm others. I will work to protect your 2nd amendment right, as well as work for better mental health services for those who need the help.

Law Enforcement And Crime

As the daughter of a deputy sheriff, I know firsthand that safety and security are paramount to the well-being of our families and neighborhoods. As your representative, I will prioritize public safety and work towards creating safer communities for everyone.

My public safety initiatives include:

Support Law Enforcement: Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect us. I will advocate for policies that provide first responders with the necessary resources, training, and the appreciation they deserve. Crime is increasing more and more in our communities with each passing day. We need law enforcement officers to remain in our communities and help to keep us safe.

We need to focus on avenues to assist law enforcement agencies with recruiting citizens who desire to work in the field of law enforcement. Over the last few years, law enforcement and police officers have been vilified for the work that they do in the community while serving daily. We can’t disparage the entire law enforcement community because of one or two officers who use poor judgment when faced with a life-and-death situation. I will not support policies that defund the police and take resources away from them to give to social justice programs. I will make every effort to support our law enforcement and the men and women who put their lives on the line each day.

Addressing Economic Growth, Inflation, The Economy, And Jobs

We must decrease federal spending on all levels to balance our budget more conservatively. Many Marylanders and middle-class American families are crippled with debt and need a break from increased taxes and inflation.

It is by addressing economic incentives in the 6th District’s Appalachian counties (Washington, Allegany, and Garrett) that businesses can be lured to invest in job creation. We must incentivize businesses to invest in our district.

I will support confronting the challenges posed by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential displacement of jobs. It’s crucial to remember that, even if AI may result in job displacement in some industries, it can also open up new opportunities in others. The key to ensuring that people are prepared to adapt to the changing job landscape is comprehensive workforce planning, upskilling and reskilling initiatives, and a coordinated approach between governments, industries, and educational institutions.

Crisis at the Border

The Biden-Harris administration and their policies have caused extreme challenges at the southern border and they have put our country in a very dangerous situation. If a country doesn’t have secure borders, it is not a country. Our border is not secure. More and more illegal immigrants are passing across the border and many are coming with nefarious intentions in mind. As a country, we must know who is crossing into our country.

Drugs have come across the border. Murderers have come across the border; human traffickers have come across our borders. We must enact policies that will protect our borders and keep bad people out. I’m married to a man who came from a foreign country and decided to become a citizen of the United States of America. He tells me and our daughter often that America is a beautiful country and we must appreciate the freedoms we are afforded. Immigrants are encouraged to come to America but they must come to America legally, not illegally crossing the borders.

As your representative, I will work with fellow Republicans, and any common-sense Democrats, to protect our borders that will keep us safe from harm. I will work to sponsor and/or support legislation that will build the wall to prevent people from crossing illegally into the United States. I will support legislation that will improve our system for those who desire to come to our country while seeking asylum and become a citizen of the United States of America. The system is badly broken and we have the responsibility to fix it.

Protecting the Unborn/Pro-Life

With the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade, states can now determine at the legislative level how they’d like to proceed with women’s reproductive rights. As a pro-life Republican, I believe in the sanctity of life for the unborn baby in their mother’s womb. I’m especially concerned about African American women who are pregnant and struggling with the decision to keep their baby or terminate their pregnancy. African American women make up less than 15% of the population, and African Americans also make up less than 15% of the population. Since the early 1970s, more than 20 million Black children have been aborted. These data may not be accurate as Maryland doesn’t report its abortion data to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Abortion is not healthcare. It should not be used like birth control when a woman doesn’t want the child. Young women and women need to be aware of their options and they may find that there are other options to consider over abortion. Abortion is a very sensitive topic and options must be discussed with the woman.


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